Oil / Hazardous spill management

Oil / Hazardous spill management

Global Pollution Services, Inc. (GPS) is a specialized management and consulting organization, offering Qualified Individual and Spill Management services to clients throughout the world.

Following the implementation of the Oil Pollution Act in 1990, oil and shipping companies were rendered liable for the environmental impact of an oil spill. GPS has been developed and tailored to meet these particular needs for our clients.

Our highly experienced management team has handled major hazardous and non-hazardous site cleanup activities worldwide. GPS has also completed highly cost effective pollution control projects in the American, African, and European oilfields and marine waters. These locations range from United States, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Nigeria and Mexico to the UK, Sweden, Denmark, and Estonia.

Our operations are based on the most advanced industry knowledge and expertise, supported by substantial technical resources. The GPS management team prides itself on providing exactly what the client requires in the most time and cost effective manner possible.

GPS staff members and technicians keep abreast of regulations and legislation that affect environmental shipping, and industry issues, by attending numerous seminars, conferences, and researching regulations and standards.

In order to consistently achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, GPS insists that its field personnel be highly experienced, its project managers solution oriented, and its field support technicians flexible and innovative. Most importantly, our strategists and consultants are professionals, with an in-depth knowledge of international and national legislation and regulations and a respect for client confidentiality. We believe that time spent discussing and evaluating what a client wishes to achieve is integral to the high standard of service that we provide and ultimately, the success of a project. Every task undertaken by GPS is subject to the company’s stringent quality control program.